St Nicholas Church (Harrison Memorial Church)

The Church and Old Vicarage were erected by the late Mr Frederick James Harrison and the late Sir Heath Harrison, in memory of their father and mother James and Jane Harrison who lived at the Laund, Wallasey, from 1857 to 1879.

Erected near the sea, the Church was originally known as the Harrison Memorial Church but subsequently named after St Nicholas - the Patron Saint of Voyagers. The architect was Mr Francis Doyle.

The foundation stone was laid by Miss A.J. Harrison, eldest sister of the donors on Tuesday 26th April 1910. Afterwards Miss Harrison was presented with a trowl bearing the inscription “This trowl was presented to Miss Alice Jane Harrison on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the Harrison Memorial Church, Wallasey, April 26, Ad majorem Dei Gloriam.”

The Church was consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester on Wednesday 29th November 1911.

The Church measures 128ft 6in (39.1mt) in length and 54ft (16.4mt) in width. The tower is 75ft (22,8mt) high. Originally built to seat 548 in the nave, aisles and trancepts, 36 in the Lady Chapel and 26 in the Chancel giving a total capacity of 610.

St Nicholas is one of a few Churches to have the Chancel built West facing on account of the exposed position and severity of North-West gales.

The first Vicar of St Nicholas was Reverend Stanley Roscamp, M.A. serving this Parish from 1911 to 1943.

The second Vicar of St Nicholas was Reverend William Simpson, B.A. who served this Parish from 1943-1958.

The third Vicar of St Nicholas was Reverend John Ellison who served this Parish from 1958-1978.

The fourth Vicar of St Nicholas was Reverend Edward John Bentley B.A. who served this Parish from 1978 to 2002.

The fifth and present Vicar of St Nicholas is Reverend Jeff Staples who has been serving this Parish since September 2004.

St Nicholas Church Hall (Harrison Memorial Hall / Harrison Hall).

The first Vicar, Reverend Roscamp, was the driving force behind the building of the Harrison Memorial Hall, known locally as Harrison Hall. The foundation stone was laid by Miss Jennett Harrison, eldest daughter of Frederick James Harrison on 21st May 1932. The stone was blessed by the Lord Bishop of Chester. The Harrison Memorial Hall was completed and given over for use by the Church in 1933.

Harrison Memorial Hall is one building which contains three Halls. The Main Hall is generally used for shows/social functions/fairs etc. The Middle Hall is suitable for small parties/meeting etc. The North Hall is suitable for children’s parties. It is also the place where the Rainbows and Brownies meet. The North Hall is named after a generous benefactor, Mr Frederick North, who provided £2,000 for it’s completion. All three Halls can be used independently or collectively.

In recent years the Church has  invested over £110,000 in updating the facilities of the Hall much of which came from a personal gift from a member of the congregation, a legacy, and some funding from Awards For All. The money was spent on a modern/commercial standard kitchen, modern accessible toilets facilities, entrance ramps to all three Halls. The Church has also invested in new stage lighting and a sound system and are currently applying for funding to improve the stage facilities to encourage youth and adult theatre groups to come to the Hall.