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Discipleship Explored

Over the past weeks I have mentioned a short course called ‘Discipleship Explored.’ Discipleship Explored sets out to help followers of Jesus rejoice in the confidence, unity, righteousness, and love which are ours in Jesus (the Christ). The course consists of 8 interactive sessions rooted in St Pauls letter to the church at Philippi (Philippians), and complimented by short films shot in locations around the world. I very much see this course as a precursor to a course called ‘Christianity Explored’ which is a series of sessions focused on introducing people to the Christian faith. My hope, and prayer, is that we, as a fellowship, find encouragement and look in expectation to grow in our faith and be made ready to welcome all who come to know Jesus. To that end, there will be a short meeting to pray for the success of the Discipleship Explored course leading to a fruitful Christianity Explored course to be offered in September, possibly on Sunday evenings. The prayer meeting in in Church at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd April.

Are you interested in joining in? If so please let me know. The sessions will start on Tuesday 14th May. I am happy to hold an afternoon session (2-3pm) as well as an evening session. If there is interest I am happy to provide a Zoom meeting Wednesday afternoon. There are booklets that need to be purchased as part of the course, currently costing £2.69 each.

Please use this link to access the sign up form and purchase a course booklet 




Christmas Tree Festival. 16th-21st December 2024.

I know we have just got through Easter, and you are all probably planning your Summer Holiday, and you may think it’s a bit early to be talking about Christmas Trees… but plans need to be made if this is going to be a fantastic event. Things to think:

·       Would you like to have a tree to decorate? Could be as a family, as a business, as a community group (none political)?

·       Would you like to adopt a tree that will be decorated using the decorations we have. You would decorate the tree and cover the cost of the tree?

·       Would you like to sponsor a tree, covering the cost of the tree but asking the church decorate it?


At this point I have no idea how much a tree will cost but, for an idea, the last time we bought 4ft trees they were £30 each. That covered the cost of delivery, the tree, and a little donation towards the Church funds.









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