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Baptism at St Nicholas Church, Wallasey

Here at St Nicholas we take every request for a Baptism (also called a Christening) seriously and so here is a bit of information to help you.

Baptism is a significant event in life as it marks the beginning of a life time journey of faith and here at St Nicholas we want to help you begin, and support you through, that journey, both for yourself or for your child.

After you make the first contact, usually a request for a Baptism, we will arrange to send you some information. After giving you some time to think about what we have sent we will contact you again to arrange a meeting where we can chat about your thoughts. We tend not to make a date for the Baptism at this point as you need time to think about whether Baptism is what you want or if St Nicholas Church is the Church you wish to become members of.

After a short period of time to allow you to ‘try out’ St Nicholas Church, if you wish to continue with the Baptism of yourself or your child then we will agree a date and time for the Baptism to take place. Usually we celebrate Baptisms at 11.45am after the main morning service as we find this time is usually the most practical if you have family and friends travelling a good distance.

That is a fairly simple summary of what happens after you contact us. But I want to stress that our understanding of Baptism includes the idea that you have decided, for yourself or for your child, that you want to become followers of Jesus (we are Baptised into His name) and that you want to become part of the Church here at St Nicholas (we are Baptised into the community of faith, that is the Church).

If that is not your understanding, if you do not want to commit to becoming part of the Christian Church but just want to give thanks for the birth of your child, why not consider a Service of Thanksgiving. A Service of Thanksgiving allows you to celebrate the birth of your child recognising that God has given life to us and that God wants to bless us in life. A Service of Thanksgiving is different from a Baptism in as much as the celebration is centred on giving thanks for a life even though you may not yet have decided to become members of the Church.

It all sound a bit complicated perhaps but we are happy to chat with you about a Baptism or a Service of Thanksgiving before you make a final decision regarding which is right for you.

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